Beautifully Designed Rings From The Art Deco Period


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Art Deco style engagement rings are epitomised by geometric designs designed to be visually stunning which were large in size and decorated in a style that incorporated a variety of gemstones.

Many designs focused on a large central colored gemstone with a surround of smaller stones. Example of stones that are used were diamonds, aquamarine and emeralds. Some rings also had bands that also contain gemstones such as diamonds, saphires, rubies and emeralds.

The engagement ring is given to a person at the time of the marriage proposal. It is worn on the finger to show the world of the commitment to marriage.


When Did We Start Wearing Engagement Rings And Are They Important


The origins of the engagement ring can be traced back to Rome, through the Egytian error and the ancient Greeks.

One theory is that the ring was considered as a part of the bride price which would represent the purchase of ownership of a bride.

Engagement rings were thought of as a pledge to the betrothed and in the churches eyes, no secret marriages could take place as future marriages were made public through engagement.

These rings do not have to be worn to be engaged. Once a proposal has taken place and the offer of marriage accepted an engagement ring is usually worn but it is not a necessity.

The ring is a symbol of love and commitment and to show the world you are ready to marry so to most people it is important for them to wear one.


art deco style engagement ring

What Is The Difference Between Engagement, Promise And Wedding Rings

Promise rings are worn by some couples that have agreed to get engaged. They are pre-engagement rings and a sign of a commitment to the relationship.

Engagement rings are worn prior to the wedding. The are a sign that two people are committed to each other and are planning to get married.

Once married a couple will wear a different ring as a wedding band. Some people choose to wear both on the same finger, whereas others may just wear their wedding ring.


Where Should They Be Worn And Should They Be Tight


The rings should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. It is worn here for this reason because people believed that the ring finger contained a vein that was connected to the heart.

This comes down to personal preference on how you like your rings to feel on your finger. If it is too loose, there is the possiblity of it coming off and getting lost.

However, you do have to take into account any swelling or weight gain and the ring ending up digging in and getting stuck. A happy compromise on feel is probably the best option.

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Which Rings Are Most Popular And What Can I Afford

Diamonds are a girls best friend, as the saying goes. It goes without saying that the most popular, or at least, for some, the most sort after are diamond rings. Art deco engagment rings come in a wide price range and a variety of designs.

Believe it or not, but some years ago there was a rule of thumb about how much a groom should spend on an engagement ring. This figure was between one and three months salary.
Nowadays with the high costs of wedding, some couples prefer to put a little more towards the wedding and save money on the ring.

adecoratif diamond ring


Antique Design Beauty


A great many pieces of Art Deco jewelry designs were a transition from the Art Nouveau period that preceded it. After the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb it contained Egyptian influences as well as those from Africa, Persia and oriental designs.

The designs truely allow the beauty of the rings and the shape of the stones to stand out. A choice from this period is one that will stand out and be envied by all who see it. The art deco looks incredible and your future finance will be overjoyed when presented with a ring from this period.


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