Promise or Engagement Rings

A promise ring can be also called a pre engagement ring which symbolizes commitment in a relationship.
They could be used in the case of a couple who do not wish to get married but want to show a commitment
to each other. In other ways it can symbolize the decision to remain pure and celibate until marriage.

The origins of when the promise ring first began are unclear but they were used in similar ways to today
in which they were used to seal a promise of marriage. This marriage was not necessary to another person
but could also be something like a Bishops of a church wearing a ring .to symbolize the marriage to
the church.

When we look at promise rings now, they can mean friendship and used to symbolize the commitment to
always be there for one another. It can also mean abstinence in that the person will remain celibate
until marriage. They can also mean monogamy – making a promise to remain monogamous while in
a relationship together. Lastly they can also be a pre-engagement ring. This would probably be the most
common use for a promise ring. This would mean a couple is committed to a relationship and thinking of
getting engaged but not quite ready for marriage.

This is the difference between a promise and engagement ring. An engagement ring is for a couple that
are ready for marriage and taking the step towarding preparing for it whereas a promise ring will be
seen as a commitment to each other that an engagement and marriage will be in their future.