Gold Or Silver Art Deco Engagement Rings


Silver is valued at less than gold. It is still a great quality metal but more affordable than gold for those of you on a budget.

One disadvantage of silver is that it is not an easy metal to take care of. Silver can tarnish quite easily if not cared for in the correct way, although some people do prefer the tarnished look because it has the vintage feel.

The Benefits Of Gold Rings


Gold is great for sensitive skin. Where some metals can cause reactions with the skin silver and to a better extent, gold are the safest metals to wear if you are prone to skin reactions.

Gold will be more sturdy and hard wearing compared to silver, bearing in mind the higher the  karat of gold the softer it will become. If you are thinking of mounting a very valuable gemstone the softness is something to think of. A silver ring probably won’t hold a gem in its prongs for as long as gold would.

Of course, for traditionalists, gold and platinum are representatives of marriage, whereas silver is not.