Wedding Rings


The Art Deco period produced and inspired many engagement rings with its gemstones and designs.

As wedding rings are generally simple gold bands, art deco wedding rings are not as common as art deco inspired engagement rings.

Art deco wedding bands either contain fine gemstones or very intricate designs and are beautiful although most people choose a plain gold ring and save the fine gemstones and designs for the engagement rings.


Where Did The Idea Of A Wedding Ring Come From


It is believed the idea of the wedding ring began in ancient Egypt almost 5000 years ago although this is not known for sure. In those times reeds and rushes were twisted together and made into rings.

The ring, or circle is a symbol of eternity as it has no end. The hole in the ring was considered a door to other things. Giving your partner a wedding ring signifies never ending love.

The Romans also took on the tradition although the ring as a symbol of love was replaced by a symbol of ownerships.

Around the 9th century Christians began to use the ring in marriage ceremonies.


Why Is The Wedding Ring On The Left Ring Finger


Throughout history the wedding ring has been worn on different fingers of different hands. Eventually it would rest on the left hand ring finger because it was thought a vein ran from this finger to the heart. This has been proven as false but it was believed to be true when the tradition began.


When Did Men Start Wearing A Wedding Ring


Looking at historical records we can see much evidence of women wearing rings thousands of years ago. It was not until the early 20th century that the tradition of men wearing wedding rings became popular, although today, not all men do. During the World Wars men began to where ring as a way to remember their loved ones.